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Indian Solar Calendar – Saur Dindarshika

Sounds weird? Ever heard or read like १ सौर चैत्र शके १९३२??? It’s Solar Calendar system that was approved in 1956 by India’s First Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. It’s used in day-today activity, listen your FM, Doordarshan carefully dates are still mentioned in same format along with Western Calendar (Gregorian Calendar). How about using […]

Ek Sarfira

Just a great words, don’t remember how, where, when these words were added in text file of my old HDD. just wanted to keep reading again and again. Dushmano se age badhane ki hoad mein, main dosto ko piche chod chala hoon, Manjil pane ki es daud mein, Ub chalana bhul gaya hoon, Aaj manjil […]