My WordCamp Journey

For those who have No Idea What WordCamp is?
WordCamp is a Casual, non-fancy conference that focuses around WordPress Topics. The camp is open to all, All WordPress Users, Developers, Designers and enthusiast are welcome.

The format of WordCamp varies from City to City, as it is hosted by Local Community in Local flavor. Sessions generally span a variety of formats, including lectures/presentations, live demos, Q&A, workshops, ignite-style lightning presentations, panels, interviews, and any other form you can imagine. Post Camp presentations and videos are shared with the global community over and other channels.

Getting to meet and learn from other WordPress users face-to-face is one of the main reasons I started attending WordCamps. My WordCamp Journey began as Break from routine work, and Nowadays it became an addiction.

Recently I figured out I’ve Attended more than 25 WordCamp in my life. Every time I visit a WordCamp I plan to write down a blog post about it. Unfortunately, many of them are still in Draft.

This page is to remind me that I need to link those memories. Here’s the list of WordCamp that I’ve participated, and my to-publish list.

  1. WordCamp Baroda 2013 – Attendee
  2. WordCamp Pune 2013  – Attendee
  3. WordCamp Baroda 2014 – Volunteer
  4. WordCamp Mumbai 2014 – Attendee
  5. WordCamp Mumbai 2015 – Attendee
  6. WordCamp Pune 2015 – Volunteer
  7. WordCamp Mumbai 2016 – Attendee
  8. WordCamp Bhopal 2016 – Attendee
  9. WordCamp Nashik 2016 – Volunteer
  10. WordCamp Pune 2017 – Attendee
  11. WordCamp Udaipur 2017 – Attendee
  12. WordCamp Kochi 2017 – Volunteer
  13. WordCamp Mumbai 2017 – Attendee
  14. WordCamp Nagpur 2017 – Organizer
  15. WordCamp Kanpur 2017 – Speaker
  16. WordCamp Delhi 2017 – Volunteer
  17. WordCamp Ahmedabad 2017 – Volunteer and Speaker
  18. WordCamp Nashik 2017 – Speaker
  19. WordCamp Bhopal 2017 – Attendee turn into Last Moment Panelist
  20. WordCamp Udaipur 2018 – Attendee
  21. WordCamp Mumbai 2018 – Speaker
  22. WordCamp Nagpur 2018 – Organizer
  23. WordCamp Kanpur 2018 – Speaker
  24. WordCamp Kochi 2018 – Attendee
  25. WordCamp Pokhara 2018 – Speaker
  26. WordCamp Ahmedabad 2018 – Speaker
  27. WordCamp Pune 2019 – Attendee

Look forward to share my memories asap. If we meet the first time at some WordCamp, Please Mention it in Comment. 😉

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