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My Travel Itinerary for WordCamp Europe 2018 in Belgrade, Serbia

This year I’m making to WordCamp Europe which hosted in Belgrade City, Serbia. Here’s my Itinerary

11 June – Reaching Serbia around afternoon. Planning to rest for the day. Staying at Bongo Hostel
12 June – Downtown walking tour
13 June – Riverside Bike tour  Or / And Underground Secrets of Belgrade
14, 15, 16 June – WordCamp Europe
17 June – Not Decided
18 June – Tour to Five Wonders of Eastern Serbia ( Manasija monastery, Resava Cave, Veliki Buk waterfall, Krupaje river spring, Gornjak monastery)
19 June – Return Journey

If you are coming to WordCamp Europe, we can catch up in Belgrade before camp, In Camp or Post Camp.

if have any adventure planned. would love know.

Major Update: 

I’m not making to WordCamp Europe, Due to Medical Issues at home. I look forward to see Serbia with your Eyes. Do share me the Photos.

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Resource for your Next WordPress (Theme) Site

I don’t know How I left this Post pending in draft, While starting another project was searching for this post, and it was it Draft. In Jan 2018, when I was done with #WPMeta Website, I drafted this one.

Here are some resources I used to code #WPMeta Website.

1. Underscores (_s) – Starter theme
Underscore is starter theme with all latest standards of WordPress system. Components provide the choice of multiple structures.

2. Coolers – Color Scheme Generator
Not Being Designer, I have a bad taste in colour combinations. Last time I was coding a theme, I used Kuler by Adobe, pretty complicated to use., way to easy compared to Kuler.

3. Mixfont – Font Combination generator
Fonts combination is another UI part where I lack a lot. Mixfont is easy to go, test multiple Google fonts with each other.

4. Fontello – Icon fonts generator
Fontello is open source icon fonts generator. Remember the moment when you load font awesome library just for two icons. You are wasting your & users bandwidth. Just select your desired icons, build

Do let me know what tools you like to use for your custom theme development.


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Moments I love to capture at any WordCamp

I’ve attended 21 WordCamp in India since 2013, Campers have spotted me with Camera in most of WordCamps, Sometimes as Photographer Volunteer or as an attendee who uses a camera as an excuse to peek into the different tracks or to escape Boring Sessions.

Since then many serial WordCamper started calling me as UnOfficial Photographer of WordCamps in India. My Camera has given me recognition in Indian WordPress Community, I can’t ignore that part.

I’m writing this blog post for all those who love to Capture Moments at any Conference. if you find anything new on your Capture list, please do share in Comment. Here is the list of Items I prefer to Capture in any conference

    • Pre Camp Preparations
    • Venue & Props
    • Registration Desks & Objects
    • Swag Counters & Objects
    • Breakfast / Lunch / Snacks items
    • People enjoying Food
    • People Networking
    • People having Selfie / Groupie
    • Speakers Preparing for Talks
    • Speakers while Presenting
    • Speaker Discussing offline
    • In Room QnA Photos
    • Sponsors Desk
    • Sponsors while Exhibiting
    • Companies Team Photos
    • Opening and Closing Ceremony

I often publish those photos on my FB Profile, you can check them here.