Dell Studio 1558 Cleanup

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There was Hailstorm in Nagpur last week. Yes Snow on equator sounds crazy. But it did after 20 years.


Thanks for the Photo Nadya

On that day my laptop served as heater on my desk. Up to July 2014, I enjoyed Dells Support and Service Extended warranty for last three years. This is I’ve no option than getting my Laptop clean up my self

*** Yes there are vendors in market those take more than a day for 2 hours of work and charge way more.

Here’s my Quick Notes for those who want to Open Dell Studio 1558.

1. Remove the Battery
2. Open the Access door and remove it.
3. Unscrew the hard-disk screws. slide Hard disk to move it out.
4. Remove the screws in base of Laptop, and under hard-disk place.
5. Release the Antenna Cable from the routes
6. And three more screws, two below hinges and 1 beneath the battery.
7. Use Nails or Guitar Picks to release the compass of speaker cover above keyboard.
8. Two more screws above keyboard to release it. be careful there’s a thin connector cables below keyboard. Yes I lost my Back-lit because of it.
9. Disconnect the Display cable & power cable. Release antenna Cables.
10. Unscrew the Display. and remove it safely and clean it with soft cloth.
11. Remove screen under keyboard.
12. unplug the speaker cable and touch pad.
13. Unscrew the optical drive screw & Remove optical drive from the motherboard.
14. Unplug the USB Port cable, Jack cable, fan and speaker cables.
15. Unscrews and remove mother board from Laptop base.
16. Unscrew fan screws and lift fan from the base. Remove dust in the Fan.
17. Follow 16-1 Steps to pack up after cleaning each part carefully.

Thanks to Dell Studio 1558 Manual from otherwise I would have landed in Postmortem of Dell Studio like Nokia 3230

Xiaomi Mi4 – Giveaway at TechZoom

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Encountered with Tushar’s Facebook Status Update about Xiaomi Mi4 Giveaway

Xiaomi MI4 in India

Its time to change Lumnia, Following are some options I’m Looking into : Xiaomi MI4, OnePlus One and Asus Zenphone 2

All three comes in same price range of 20,000 – 22,000 INR.

Zenphone has dual sim and octa core processor with 4 GB RAM. With Android v5.0 Lolipop.

Where as MI4 and Oneplus one has single sim slot & Quad Core with 3GB RAM along with older versions of android. MI4 and Oneplus are lighter, slimmer compared to Zenphone.

MI4 Got FM Radio, +1 compared to other two.

Regarding Battery Life, all three ranges between 3000-3100 MaH. Xiaomi has Li-ion Battery. and rest two have Li-Po Battery.

Just want to know your views over these three phones.

@Techzoom team, please count this Blog post at entry to your Give away contest.
@Readers, Yes, there’s a giveaway of MI4 From Techzoom, Feel free to participate. more details here

MotorCycle Trip – Nagpur to Pune

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I know I’m posting after decades, these are some of my life events need to be logged on my blog.

15 June 2013, Morning 5.30 Alone I Started my journeys towards Pune, 800Km drive in one day was the Objective with no idea of upcoming hurdles. hardly I’ve crossed Butibori Industrial Estate, heavy rain washed me out, Luckily I’d packed my baggage nicely(usually i don’t). You can visualize what kind of heavy rain it was in Nagpur that day, same evening Cities prime area was flooded. Video here

Intentionally I decided to use state highway as National Highways has heavy rush. Decision was not wrong but I underestimated the power of wind as Dhamangaon to Malegaon is fully open agricultural land. I couldn’t drive my Pulsor 150 above 50Km/hr.

Here’s route i drove

Nagpur to Pune Route

There are lots of places to enjoy your journey.

  • Kelzhar – Lord Ganesh Temple on hill, first stop you can have on 40 Km from Nagpur.
  • Wardha Bypass Route – nice scenary at Mahatma Gandhi Antarrashtriya Hindi Vishwavidyalaya (80Km From Nagpur)
  • Pulgaon – nothing much except ordnance factory & farms (couple more 30-40 km from wardha)
  • Dhamangaon – This town is known for railway station in this area, you can find nice Chai & kachori (20 Km from Pulgaon)
  • Karanja lad – religious old city, birth place of Nrusiha Saraswati, truely devine if you can catchup with Maha Prasad at Guru Mandir. Unfortunately I reached Karanja at 10.30 AM, Not good time for Lunch. (80Km from Dhamangaon). this town does make you feel you are back in Maratha Era.
  • Malegaon – more over industrial market place, refuel your engines :P (60 Km From Karanja Lad)
  • Mehkar – place with Famous Balaji Temple and Haunted Palace – Kanachani cha Mahal (not sure, but locals keep saying avoid that place). Also place has some British Construction to view. (60 Km from Malegaon)
  • Sindhkhed Raja – Home town of Jijau (JijaBai) – Mother of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, fort and Monuments in this city are truely amazing and really well maintained. (40 Km from Mehkar)
  • Jalna - Big city you reach after Nagpur Crossing around 400+ km in greenery,

Rest 300 km route is all national Highway passing through Aurangabad, Devgad, Pravara Sangam, Ahmednagar, Shirur, Ranjangaon.

Over all it was Great experience Riding 800+ KM Alone in a Single Rainy day. Food at Dhabha’s & talks with Chaiwalas It refreshed me from my daily work schedule.