Its Pretty easy to create Hotspot in Ubuntu and Ubuntu based distributions. Following This article will help you easily create Hotspot

you are Lucky if you are done in first run. But if you found “AP Mode Not Supported” Message. you need to dig-in like me. its driver issue. all you need to hunt for correct drivers. Follow article linked Below

Follow Step 1 to Step 7.

If you don’t found your Drivers in Additional Drivers, make sure you are done with 7th Step, restart the PC.

Remove Existing Driver

sudo modprobe -r wl

Load Newly installed one.

sudo modprobe brcmsmac

Repeat Step 3, Check current driver running on your wifi adapter by running below command

ethtool -i wlan0 | grep driver

Should Not Result like (Any thing apart from this is most welcome)

driver: wl0

You are ready to Create Hotspot with steps mentioned in Ubuntu Handbook.

Elementary OS 0.3 Freya on my Dell Studio 1558

Posted April 19th, 2015. Filed under Technology

I’m not writing a review of an OS, just my experiences. Friday Evening Studio’s Hard-disk Crashed 🙁

With New hard-disk I decided to tryout a New OS – Elementary OS Freya 0.3  Launched Last week. Freya is pretty impressive. It  is based on Ubuntu 14.04. so the awesomeness is carried. (at least I thought while installation).

My Desktop

My Desktop

Desktop looks & will remain pretty clean , as you can’t add folders or shortcuts like other Desktops. right click on desktop has no context menu. Must be other way to add, not yet discovered.

Workspace Manager

Workspace Manager

Multiple workspace manager is the most decent I’ve ever seen. smooth and elegant.

Hot Corners

Hot Corners

Hot Corners – Yet another cool feature, but I feel with little tweaks in Unity tweak tool you have more corners in Ubuntu.

Terminal made for simpler, easier and safer

Terminal made for simpler, easier and safer

When it comes to Linux, we can’t live without terminal. I like the way Elementary OS team worked on UI and Usability part of terminal. OS seems to be developed for non tech users along with Tech Users. Ctrl+V gives you a nice warning before you execute some commands that needs SU Permissions.

Applications Menu

Applications Menu

Plenty of Applications, Nice Layout great UI Experience. Couple of Inbuit apps, Geary – Mail Client, Audience – Video Player, Midori – Light weight Browser. Maya Calender beautiful notification system.

Well I can’t live without couple of my set of tools : Skype, Libre office, Gimp, notepad++, Firefox, Chrome, pidgin, and more.

While Setting up Development Environment, Encountered with Easy Engine does not supported Elementary OS. Well this is not that big concern I feel.

Easy Engine Not Supported

Easy Engine Not Supported

Looking forward for update from Rahul & his Team. So I’ve to install LEMP Stack Manually.

Virtual box is good, Setup a Nexus device using Genymotion. Over all system performance is Good.

But With my bad habit of using Tweet-deck in chrome + reading in Firefox + Development in npp + Gimp for some graphics and a VM. and this beautiful graphical inter-phase is too much for my Dell Studio 15.

Screenshot from 2015-04-19 11:22:02

Logging Off

I’m logging off from Freya. it is Good and Promising usability. You guys can give a try.



Dell Studio 1558 Cleanup

Posted March 22nd, 2015. Filed under Technology

There was Hailstorm in Nagpur last week. Yes Snow on equator sounds crazy. But it did after 20 years.


Thanks for the Photo Nadya

On that day my laptop served as heater on my desk. Up to July 2014, I enjoyed Dells Support and Service Extended warranty for last three years. This is I’ve no option than getting my Laptop clean up my self

*** Yes there are vendors in market those take more than a day for 2 hours of work and charge way more.

Here’s my Quick Notes for those who want to Open Dell Studio 1558.

1. Remove the Battery
2. Open the Access door and remove it.
3. Unscrew the hard-disk screws. slide Hard disk to move it out.
4. Remove the screws in base of Laptop, and under hard-disk place.
5. Release the Antenna Cable from the routes
6. And three more screws, two below hinges and 1 beneath the battery.
7. Use Nails or Guitar Picks to release the compass of speaker cover above keyboard.
8. Two more screws above keyboard to release it. be careful there’s a thin connector cables below keyboard. Yes I lost my Back-lit because of it.
9. Disconnect the Display cable & power cable. Release antenna Cables.
10. Unscrew the Display. and remove it safely and clean it with soft cloth.
11. Remove screen under keyboard.
12. unplug the speaker cable and touch pad.
13. Unscrew the optical drive screw & Remove optical drive from the motherboard.
14. Unplug the USB Port cable, Jack cable, fan and speaker cables.
15. Unscrews and remove mother board from Laptop base.
16. Unscrew fan screws and lift fan from the base. Remove dust in the Fan.
17. Follow 16-1 Steps to pack up after cleaning each part carefully.

Thanks to Dell Studio 1558 Manual from otherwise I would have landed in Postmortem of Dell Studio like Nokia 3230

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