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Posted December 21st, 2008. Filed under General

Finally I’m back on my regular track, little busy last few days not only in Office task but I was trying something that screwed my head. I tried to develop Game.

I was very much inspired by David Tenemaza, we are almost same age. David developed very wonderful games. Around 4 lacs players Hang on his development (Count me too). David is Director of Kramaley Games. Metropolis, The Hatchery , Dark Ages are the Creative Facebook Games developed by Kramaley Team.

Development of the game is not one day task, It include many things like :

  • Story
  • Characters
  • Graphics
  • Sound
  • Platform

Platform was the biggest hurdle in the track, Initially I am not too good to get start so I personally dropped Windows and Console based Game. so finally planned for browser based one. I confess any Game development is not a joke. only the paper work screwed my head, may be some other day I will look after the Games development. Till then I will enjoy social games by Kramaley and others.

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  1. Hay buddy nice try !!!
    You will surely do one day Best luck !

  2. Chetan says:

    Also try games for Orkut apps. 🙂

  3. Nihar says:

    Nice to see that you are involved in game development. it requires lot of knowledge and patient if i am not wrong. Keep going and do well.

  4. Sujay says:

    Abbe… Game development?? Ab ek kaam kar animation bhi try kar le…. 😛

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