Post Mortem of 3230 is complete !!

Posted July 30th, 2008. Filed under Technology

Well my Nokia 3230 is no more, Heres is its Post Mortem Report !!

I have Wasted my lots of time in breaking that set and understanding the Embedded system. I am not any hardcore embedded Developer, or a person with electronic background just an Statistic Graduate. so lots effort for these following pictures.

Front Side of Keyboard where display joins the cell.

Back side of Main Board, Where keyboard and main board connects( ” you can see three slots as connector. only two(Orange one) are here in image !! ” ) That connection is the only thing due to which my set is dead !! and its the most delicate part of the nokia 3230 may be in other sets too.

Few things I want to know more is from where the Main board is Coded, How its OS – Symbian is installed ??

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